The Office Trivia Night

The Office Trivia Night

About This Event

Bigger than the Dundies...better than the Dinner's The Office Trivia Night!

Join us as we travel to Scranton, PA via The Well for questions to test the best Office fans. Team entry fee is $60 and teams can be 4-6 people (fewer than 4, it's OK, Michael, we know it can be hard to find 5 friends for your cell phone plan so go ahead and register!)

Grand Prize will be $100 which you can definitely spend on more Dunder Mifflin paper to meet Andy's paper sales goal or on whatever you like. Plus there will be Office themed merchandise prizes and surprises throughout the evening.

This is going to be more fun than a night at Schrute Farms B&B...more fun than a Meredith Palmer Memorial Fun Run for Rabies 5K...and WAY more fun than a Glee watch party at Gabe's.

Location / Venue

South Suburban Humane Society

Event to Support South Suburban Humane Society

The South Suburban Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the well-being of animals in Chicago's south suburbs. Through the care and sheltering of animals needing protection, investigative practices which will prevent abuse, education of the public as to ownership duties and responsibilities, vetted and thorough adoption services, and targeted, high-impact spay/neuter policies, the South Suburban Humane Society will make every effort towards ending animal homelessness, reducing pet overpopulation, and ending cruel, inhumane treatment and abuse towards pets.


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  1. Kevin Lyznicki
    Kevin Lyznicki gave a $62.87 donation
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  2. Krista Boehm
    Krista Boehm gave a $60 donation
    In honor of our best friends...all who have come from The South Suburban Humane Society
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